How does Brown Bread Mozzie Organic Mosquito Killer Kit work?

The kit eliminates nearly all mosquitoes in your yard by providing them with toxic-only-to-mosquito-larvae breeding grounds. The mosquitoes' only breeding ground options in your yard are several strategically placed containers of water that will (unbeknownst to mosquitoes) kill their larvae.

Where should I put my traps?

We recommend putting the bags where they are out of the rain, so they don't overflow. The best spot is on the outside of your fence so your neighbors see your bags. This placement keeps the mosquitoes happily and unsuccessfully breeding, but away from you so they don't decide to also have a snack while laying their eggs. Trees are also great places for the bags.


The bits didn't dissolve. Is that ok?

Yes! The bits are supposed to float because it keeps the bits on the top of the water where the mosquitoes breed. The bacteria is on a corn cob carrier, and it's the corn cob pieces that you see floating.

Should the bags be open or closed?

We recommend keeping the bags as open as possible to give the mosquitoes the largest possible area to breed.

What comes in the kit?

You get four made-in-the-USA bags and enough packets of granules (made in Chicago) to keep your yard of an acre or less basically mosquito-free. Our instructions (designed and manufactured in Alma, Michigan), which are arguably the most important part of the whole kit (our intellectual property, if you will), are also included.


Is it safe?


YES! The product is completely safe and harmless to anything that you might have affection for including spouses, children, nieces and nephews, in-laws (?), pets, fish, reptiles, amphibians, honey bees, birds, and earth. Is the product safe for mosquitoes? Nope. Not at all. It mercilessly kills their larvae.


Wouldn't it be disastrous if mosquitoes went extinct?


As much as we would love it if everyone used Brown Bread Mozzie's Organic Mosquito Killer Kit, it's not likely, so we're certain that this product would not make all mosquitoes extinct. But, even if it did, it likely would not be problematic. In fact, making mosquitoes extinct could be beneficial. We rest easy knowing that not even our world ecology needs mosquitoes.


What if you're creating a super mosquito?


For this to happen, basically everyone would have to use Brown Bread Mozzie, and that's impossible simply based on the fact that it's impossible to get all invitees to check yes or no on a pre-stamped wedding RSVP. As much as I love Brown Bread Mozzie, the entire world population will never buy one of our kits. Moreover, there is no evidence of resistance. If, however, mosquitoes became resistant to the bacteria, they'd only be resistant to the bacteria, and we'd just be back to where we were before Brown Bread Mozzie Organic Mosquito Control--scratching our mozzie bites and reminiscing about better days.

What's the etiology of Brown Bread Mozzie?


Brown Bread is Cockney slang for dead and Mozzie is Australian slang for mosquito. Thus, Brown Bread Mozzie means dead mosquito. Cute, right?

Is that all the Brown Bread Mozzie Organic Mosquito Control Kit does?

Actually, no. It also kills black fly and fungus gnat larvae. :)

Where can I find more information on this elusive "bacteria"?


Check out the EPA website or download a PDF here.

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